Global Warming - The Musical

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“Global Warming – the Musical” is a fast moving, light-hearted musical romance set against a backdrop of wannabe pop stars and dramatic climate change.

The Glo Chics - Glo, Vicki, Hayley and Jude are a semi professional group, looking for fame and fortune. A chance to find both is presented to them when Glo, the leader of the group, writes a song, “Let’s Heat It Up”, which, despite being an anti conservation song, is accepted as an entry in the regional heats of a televised contest to find a Song For The Planet. Although the phone in vote is in their favour, the sponsors of the show, Friends of the Planet, don’t want Glo’s song to win so they force Larry Ball, the show’s host, to announce Luke Warm as the winner with his politically correct conservation song, “Our Earth”.  Larry is not at all happy about the vote rigging especially since he suspects that Glo is his daughter by an admirer with whom he had a one night stand some 20 years ago, before he came out as gay.

A massive electrical failure caused by a storm forces the show off the air and in the resulting confusion, Glo and Luke meet. Hostile at first because of their different backgrounds and philosophies, a strong physical attraction causes them to fall in love and they spend the night together before Luke has to go to Boot Camp to prepare for the final show.  Jude, a closet lesbian, is secretly in love with Glo and is very jealous when she comes across the two of them kissing. Glo warns her not to tell the others because she thinks they might have misgivings about Luke, (which they do!).

Jude doesn’t say anything but Hayley and Vicki find out anyway when Glo receives a text from Luke. They try their best to deride him and then suggest he is probably being unfaithful at Boot Camp. Glo begins to doubt his commitment herself. Unbeknown to Glo, the girls send Luke a text pretending to be Glo’s boyfriend, warning him off. Luke receives the text and immediately decides to leave Boot Camp and sacrifice his place in the finals, to sort out his love life.  Glo and the Chics are appearing at the Greenhouse pub and Luke comes to find her. They have a stand up row, accusing each other of infidelity until Jude suddenly confesses her part in the plot and her love of Glo. Glo is shocked and angry and turns on Jude who runs out of the pub. Vicki and Hayley go looking for Jude.

Larry, who is a well known TV celebrity, turns up in disguise to tell Glo about the vote rigging and how he has insisted that the sponsors reverse their decision. They had agreed on the understanding that the words of the song were not acceptable and needed changing. Luke agrees with the sponsors views on Let's Heat It Up too. Glo tells Luke he has to choose between her and the planet but he is unable to make such a difficult choice. Larry comes to the rescue by suggesting the name of the song should be changed to Don’t Heat It Up and that he has re-written some of the words.  He then shocks and delights Glo when he tells her he is the famous father that Glo always claimed she had. The girls return to tell Glo that Jude has run into Glo’s lesbian boss who is making a big fuss of her and Jude seems to be enjoying the attention. Jude comes back to the pub and joins Glo and Luke and the re-named Glo Balls to sing “Don’t Heat It Up” and to go to the finals to find the fame and fortune they crave.




Global Warming - The Musical © 2007/8 Tony Franchi