Global Warming - The Musical

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Pop singers promoting global warming  Lets Heat it Up   

Nostalgia  In the Fifties  

Craving for fame:   Want to be famous   

Lesbian passion:  Bathe In Her Glow   

A dedicated conservationist:  Our Earth   

Love at first sight:   I'd Like to Write A Song for You   

Derision:  He's So Green    

Doubt:   Between The Lines 

Disappointment:   Dared to Believe

Rapping:   Greenhouse Gas  

Remorse:   It's All My Fault   

Doing good:   Want to Be Happy  

Confession:   Phoney Phone-in   

Indecision:  Daddy or Chips   

....and finally, cynical conversion: Don't Heat It Up






Global Warming - The Musical 2007/8 Tony Franchi